Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How unfortunate.

How very, very unfortunate.
Chris McCandless was no hero. I'm sorry to say so, but he just wasn't. Dying doesn't make you a hero. Dying to save others, might. Chris's story was just unfortunate. Not tragic.

So to all you wannabe Tolstoyan 15-year-olds: please don't die for want of heroism. People like me will blog about your death and eventually make an ass of you. I'm sorry, but such is the world.

On another note, the nice thing about remaining completely unnoticed is that you pick up on a lot of things. No one seems to notice or care that you're in the room, or if they do, they disregard you. "You won't say anything, right?" they ask. "'Course not," you say, but honestly you're sorely tempted. You hear about who broke up with who, and who called who a slut, and why no one likes so-and-so all of a sudden. People know that you know and they ask and maybe you tell, but for the most part you keep quiet.

I'm now in the science club. What kind of science? I'm not sure yet. Medical, please?

And also...
I miss you so much it hurts.

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